How to increase scirocco performance


scirocco 2.0
driving a scirocco 2.0,1 year car and modification as :

1. fabspeed exhaust 2.5
2. te37 19''
3. custom remap stage 2
4. Bmc CAI

that day drag with mazda3 mps, lose:blink::blink:

anything else can help me to increase my power,currently looking for intercooler. thanks :bigsmile:
I wouldn't touch it mate. If the car is one year old, your are voiding every warrente on the car. Id leave it at least another two years. Then after that, do the standard mods. Air filter, plugs, exhaust man and all that. I'm a great beliver in air flow. The better, the cleaner the more horses you will gain. Withough good air flow, everything you do will be in vain.

I don't know a lot about VW's. But I'm sure there are pleanty of people on here that can help.

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GT30 turbo and better intercooler.

the intercooler on its own wont help much will help with inlet temps and if heatsoak

also look at 3" exhaust
not going out of stage 2 bro,but thanks for the advice and i dont think to go for GT30
intercooler just installed and tomorow will be upgrade 2.5'' downpipe to 3'' hopefully there is a improving since the workman told me that my turbo lag is because using 2.5'' =]
and dyno last week with intercooler and without 3'' the result is
243hp , 390 torque, the torque is so impressing, highest than tts stage1, but the hp not good as expected, thought willl get atleast 250, coz there's few revo stage1 manage to reach 236hp 360 torque , i am stage2 =[
They mean different things to different people. One company's Stage 1 tune is another's Stage 2, so the phrase is pretty meaningless as a way to describe the state of tune of an engine. Much better to list the modifications and power output.
Cams, pullies, Exhaust, air filter, dump valve, two re maps, turbo timer, EV controller, larger elbow off the exhaust man, decat and 400bhp

So....Im a stage......????

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