Volkwagen Scirocco GTX 8 Valve



Hello as you have probably read my profile you will know that I had made some upgrades.
The reason why I bought the up rated ignition leads was so that I could gain some performance and a quieter engine.
The new leads were good for about a week and then noticed the power of the car kind of disappear. I find this really dam strange but i don't think the leads have a problem since they have been individually checked to see if they are sparking.
The leads are 8mm with copper core and ZERO suppression. I did seek technical help before buying such leads and was told that with no resistance you should receive a stronger current.
I am pretty sure this is true when you understand the science behind it. Yesterday I bought a timing kit and V belt from Euro Car Parts. Got all this fitted and running. The mechanic made the adjustment to the fuel I have been using, which is BP Ultimate.
I was hoping to notice a significant change in engine sound and power. I guess the engine is sounding a little bit better but the power is somewhat still not there. I still think there could be more room for improvement on the engine sound
I have also gone to an MOT station to check the Co reading. The reading was showing 6.% too high. The technician brought the reading down to 1.339%.
Once the cold start process is over the rev needle drops well below 1000 to 800 and then back to 900. I would say that these figures are about right but I’ve still got that very annoying fluctuation of the rev counter during the warm up.
Is there a particular setting for the air and fuel mixture, maybe a factory setting? Just to point out when I had upgraded to the new performance leads I had changed over to a brand new ignition coil. I just need some HELP on where to start, I love my Scirocco, anyone out there who would be willing to help, genuinely HELP with clear and understandable advice?
The mileage on the car is about 87000. I had bought the car with 62000 on the clock. The body work is very good but the bottom of the driver side door is rusty. If possible anyone selling a Scirocco door?
sorry but changing leads and sparks isnt going to give any performance mate unless the old ones were kaput. so many people seem to say changing them makes a difference but youd probably notice the same if you fitted standard ones when the older ones were knackered

welcome to the site also
Hi and welcome to TorqueCars. Does this have fuel injection or is it carb based? I suspect if fuel injection it may be a sensor issue. Run some redex through the tank and give it a good spirited blast to clean everything up first.

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