Fitting a Rieger kit to a mk2 scirocco


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Hi folks,first question on here since joining up,hoping i get a bit of a better response here than elsewhere :embarrest:.
Bought this Rieger kit on Sat,it`s never been fitted,i got it for such a silly price it`s unreal,it`s the top pic on the add


And here in the flesh


So front and rear sections,wings,skirts,arches,now i am reasonable with body work,but don`t have a garage,may look into hire of one somewhere,as it`s a full on job.
From what i can gather,i would be best to dry fit it and mark everything up,then bond it too the body somehow,then lot`s of p38 and time with a sander.

Or i pay a body shop for fitting,not got a clue how much it would cost to fit though .
I am a carpet cleaner,and cleaned reception of a local garage at the weekend,i had a tour of the paint shop,and low bake oven,so think it will be going there for it`s top coat,matt black in the end
Personally i'd go to a bodyshop and get some prices, try the one man bands out on the industrial estate. The essential with a bodykit is the spray and if it is fibreglass they should heat it up to force the shrinkage and use filler on it so you don't end up with wonky panels.

The kit looks really nice, if you are not used to bodywork it would be a shame to mess it up.
Oddly enough, bonding the skirts are the hardest part!

If you need a good price have a chat with Timmy at Brieley coachworks in Cranbrook (Kent). He does a good job and will give TorqueCars members very good prices.
Yeah that was my main concern,the edge that fit`s to the body,is not that straight at the top where it meets the sill,wings are bolt on,and i think the front and rear sections just bolt on,i suppose i can fit the wings and valences,then get the shop to do the rest of the work,like moulding in the rear arches,and the skirts.
Really like the idea of matt black paint,but not sure how hard wearing it would be,and how i would go about sealing it,without altering the matt effect.
Also need the fuel filler cap filling in,the plastic strips in the roof filling,and i will be removing the sunroof and welding that back in,all the gubbins for that weigh over 10kg.
I've heard you can now get a Matt wax which has been designed for cleaning matt paint. Another option is to go with a vinyl wrap in matt.

Speak to the bodyshop before you start though. Sometimes what one person thinks will save time actually creates a problem and takes longer to "sort out".
hard to tell of the 1 pic but it looks like a fiberglass replica to me.
1 easy way to tell is does it have a rieger stamp on it???
and any brackets to attach the bumpers to the car???
It was supposedly never fitted,but i have just had a closer look,and part of the rear valence has been filled,you can see the 1 black section,there should be 2 more,also big section removed for exhaust.have not seen stamps,but there are rieger stickers on it,it`s made out of pretty thick fibreglass .
Think it`s pretty old,late 80`s early 90`s ?

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