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Ok so what Radio station do you most listen to whilst driving?
I listen to Radio 1 most of the time. Scott mills and the crew is my fave but what about you?
i listen to radio1 regularly but had to keep turning the channel over this week as soon as i heard sara cox while shes been in for fern cotton! i really cant stand her she isnt funny and how she has still got a job with radio 1 after loosing millions of listeners while she was doing the morning show is beyond me:mad:
honestly cant remember the last time a listened to the radio

must be a couple of years ago now

cant stand radio adverts and presenters cutting a song in half so i only listen to cds

dont even have a radio in the house now i think about it lol
During the commute I change stations due to weak signals, so it's Wave 105 for local stuff, Radio 2 for Mr Evans and Heart.
For me (although I very rarely drive at all at the moment - not totally recovered from the serious RTC in June this year) it would generally be BBC Three Counties or BBC Radio 4.

That's the same as my listening at home.
For me it is 6 music (60%) and radio 7 (20%) Planet rock (10%) Amazing radio (5%) and radio 4 (5%).
For a year i commuted to sheffield, and without fail i listened to galaxy 105 with hirsty, danny and jojo. at other times of the day, i've gone with the modern route of my iphone. But you can't beat making good old cd compilations with your favourite songs on!

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