Possible Turbo kit issue??


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Hi so im shoping for a turbo kit for my 96 corola/prizm (same car) and i have the 1.8 lsi model. What im trying to figure out is wil the turbo kit made for a 1.6 work for the 1.8 because they dont make a 1.8 kit for my car literally ANYWHERE. PLEASE HELP!
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I assume you have contacted the turbo kit manufacturer and asked this question all ready?
Failing this you could look into supercharging the engine instead. It would be easier to do and so long as you have space for the supercharger and additional pulleys etc, it should be a little cheaper too.
I have indeed i just cant fathom that a .2 liter difference would make a turbo not work on one engine and work on the other
Well despite what you think buddy, clearly the manufacturer knows differently. If you doubt the facts and fit the kit anyway and something happens, they will drop the warranty claim faster than a fat kid will drop a salad. Have a look here, https://www.dcperformance.co.uk/performance/toyota/corolla.html this company have a very good reputation here in the UK and they ship all over the world. A quick Google also produced this website nearer you with an above average rep, they might be able to help https://www.summitracing.com/int/search/make/toyota/model/corolla/
Good luck to you sir.
there are many reasons why it might not fit or work i will give you two for a start
the ecu will be different on the two models for sure and the 1.6 one may simply not be programmable
the manifold may be different so it really wont fit.

And even if it does bolt on the turbo wont be the right size -
You may not think .2 of a litre would make little difference but 12.5 % will to the way it spools
Also the bore and stroke wont be the same (obviously ) and the compression ratio is different - the 1.6 is higher
these certainly affect how the engines rev and thus how/whether a turbo kit works
I agree and on this matter the manufacturer should be able to explore it all in details as experimenting with engine like this won't be very healthy.
.2 Difference might not be a big deal to many but from technical point of view it can cause some damage.

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