MK1 Skoda 1.8 20V turbo 4x4


MK1 Octavia 4x4
Hello all,

This is going to unfortunately be a long post so please bear with me.

I have a Skoda Octavia 1.8 20V turbo 4wd (Haldex System) that I am making into a rally-spec, road legal car that can also be used as a track car.

So far the engine specs will be as follows:

1.8 20V turbo engine
Stroked with forged pistons
forged con rods
Uprated valves and springs
Supertech valve stem seals
manganese bronze valve guides
New oil pick up and pump
New water pump and cambelt
New Cam timing chain
new intake manifold
Hemi 80mm throttle body
vr6 3" MAF housing and sensor to suit
Mamba GTX2871 turbo
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Aluminium fuel rail
Bosch 850cc Injectors
Cold air intake
Remote oil cooler
Race radiator

Going to get an Oil catch can for the breathers

First question I have is the following:

I want to be able to run multiple power settings on this.
1 setting for Valet mode
1 setting for economy daily use
1 setting for sport
1 setting for race.

the modes will be as follows.

valet (valet so people cant abuse the car)
Economy daily use will be 200HP approx
Sport will be the max HP the tuner can get with sports cats in play.
Race will be the same as Sport with the Sport cat bypassed so the lambda sensors would need to be deactivated.

is this possible just with ECU and a rotary switch on the dash? Would I need a standalone ECU? if so which one? or would i need digital boost controllers etc?

It needs to be compatible with the DASH 2 dash panel I intend to install.

My next question is regarding the Haldex system

What would be the best aftermarket controller for this? Some say permanent 4x4 (50/50 split) others say to have it adjustable for throttle position or power levels.

I want to completely remove the whole ABS system for rally/track use but might as well learn how to drive with cadence braking properly on the road as well so would need a standalone unit for sure.

Final question is

Could I use a windows/android tablet as the media center and controller for on the fly adjustments to systems such as the haldex or is there a system out there that allows this as standard? I will be running an external amp and speakers fed from the amps for a bit of luxury in the car, but will also need the ability to run headsets as well.

Hope all this is okay to read and helpful for the questions I am asking.

Kind regards