Looking at building a kit car but what cars have irs axles and if possible with in board brakes


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Hi I'm looking at building a kit car with a 3.5 or 4.2ltr rover v8 engine, I know the jaguar has a good irs rear axle and the rover p6 but this is a bit hard to get hold of so what other cars have a good irs rear axle setup and if possible with inboard brakes???
Right don't laugh but its my own design its sort of a dune buggy style car with a rover v8 mounted in the middle well that's the plan its for road use not off road
Maybe less weight at each corner but the Jag E-Type axle weighs as much as a small house! Discs and calipers aren't that heavy.
If I use a jag rear axle I'm not using the sub frame, as I said I was looking also at a rover p6 axle, also im looking at a Mazda mx5 and bmw e36 axle assembly but just looking at different solutions
A popular one is the 7" from a Ford Sierra or the 7 1/2" from the Cosworth. These are used in many kit cars.
I would also recommend the Sierra rear axles, this seems to be a popular option with kit car builders and there are lots of parts around.
I rate Jag axles, back in the day when I was poor and use to get my hands dirty, I fitted one to my Capri.
It had open half shafts and was chromed with two lights underneath to show it off in all it's glory ;)


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