need advice if possible?


mazda RX-7 FD3
So my mk1 mx5 has an aftermarket immobiliser installed by the previous owner, i found the brain box of it, but the whole thing is very, very tempromental. Sometimes it disarms first press, others i could be sat there for a good 5 minutes, so it has to go.

My question is though, how do i go about tracing the wires, which one (if any) do i cut?

The box has no brand sticker so i dont know what make/model it is, so thats my idea out the window. Any advice would be nice as i havn't had any dealings with alarms and the like. Cheers guys :)
I know when my garage tried to take out my old non cat 1 alarm from my Skyline they got an auto electrician in as their were loads of connections and wires spliced into the loom. Might be worth paying for a professional to do
Aye, think i'll have to. I pulled the cd player out and its a bloody rats nets of wires behind there. By far the most mess ive seen in a car lol.
From my understanding none of these immobiliser boxes have any markings off any description on them. If you think about it, if it did then it would make any would be thief's life an absolute dream would it not! ;)
The cable markings are only on the cable until it is connected to the appropriate termination in the car then the marking is removed/cut off. In this instance I would always suggest that the unit is removed by an auto-electrician, this makes redoing the ignition, fuel pump, starter, and ECU bypasses considerably easier by the trained technician.

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