Is it possible to get anymore horsepower from Hyundai Kona?

Hi there, it's quite a new engine but a few companies are offering piggyback tuning boxes which sharpen things up, the intake could also do with some improvement, perhaps a high flowing panel filter or a larger air box if you can source one.

Then you get into fast road cams and more complex engine mods.

I've just added this article to the site for you.

I will as usual revisit this and add anything new that I find out about the car and engines that would help with your tuning project. Sorry I missed this model out and thank you for bringing it to my attention.
Thanks for the reply. I guess it being a new engine might have to do with them recalling 1.2 million. Because the old engines were just blowing up for no apparent reason. I’m going to do some research on that, because I was oblivious to it, until a few days ago. So that’s only an uneducated guess. I joined here, because I saw there are discussions on Hyundai’s. There’s not much written on that engine, especially tuning it, that I can find. Nor on YouTube just, explanations of how the engine works. I’m definitely interested in the kits you mentioned.

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