new remap fabia vrs


skoda fabia vrs
waited ages and finally found a remap service to suit me! very helpful company anyway i told myself id stop at the remap but i have the bug now. haha!!1:D have a friend who is a top technical deisel engineer i run through things that i would like to do and he always tells me wether its doo able or not. i told him i had my remap done but wanted to further my output now seeing it is the first car i have sorta started to really play attention to performance of and have a litte respect for i mentioned a de-cat for my fabia he said no i wouldnt see enough performance for it to matter?? well i wasnt hundred percent sure wether he just didnt want me to do it. so anyone had it done that can leave me feedback? but in the next breath he also said youl like this last week i took apart a 4.7 audi a6 and i borrowed the turbo from it so i sugggested i could have it haha. i need to know a. wether itl fit? b. does my turbo have an electrical adjustment to chance air flow to fuel ratio? not all turbos have it so i am enquiring? thanks for your help
the PD engine in yours is a VNT turbo. it adjusts the airflow to give boost quicker.

if your wanting a bigish turbo for the fabia look towards the one off the 3.0 diesel audi q7.
Cheers fella wat else would i be looking to uprate because of the turbo? Like breaks n that but its got to be fesible if it costs to much may aswell get a quicker car lol x
brakes yup, fast road pads should do you.

as for cost yes itll cost a bit as you will need a heavily uprated clutch and flywheel. normall not much of a problem but as you have a 240mm clutch your looking at close to a grand for parts alone
Oh right lovely gunna have a check around on ebay what parts have to be brand new mate? thanks for your help!
look for ds2500 pads.

dont use ebay for the likes of your clutch id rather say get them from a retuble dealer as you will need something that will hold around 400ftlb torque

ohh and that grand i mentioned was only for the flywheel and clutch it didnt include :
the turbo or modifications to downpipe and exhaust manifold
changes to pipework for the larger turbo
larger MAF
larger Injectors
Sorry mate replying on phone just habit think im just gunna forgwt about it mate isnt really worth the trouble just have to get a quucker car haha
One more question my car has pd engine can i only use the pd oil or cn i use the semi synthetic top spec oil that euros reccomend?
As far as brakes go. I just put EBC front drilled and grooved discs and red stuff pads in mine. I paied £155 but that was with my discount cuz i work for the police.
But they have incresed my braking power 100%! :)
Sorted it now i searched the spec of the pd oil then got the castrol edge equivelant which for any one who needs to know is a3 b3 or 501.1 solution fully synthetic lasts longer than pd oil itself and i got my gallon for £10 youl find the codes.fpr.solution on bottom on the back.of the oil container
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