Skoda Fabia Break 1.2 HTP MODIFICATIONS


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Skoda Fabia 1.2htp
Hi, so i have a Skoda Fabia Break 1.2 HTP it has 70cv=72hp and i didn´t made any modifications yet on it.
Do you guys think it is a good ideia to modificate the car?
And if you think that is a good ideia can you put here some steps and what are the best modifications to do in the car? I want to keep the fuel economy, so you know, just the basic and simple/cheap modifications to do that will make some difference.

To be honest with you and in my personal opinion "NO".

Just enjoy the car while it gets you from A to B and save up for something more tuneable. If you spend money attempting to tune this car it will be a waste and you will not see much in the way of power gains, plus you will reduce the value of this particular model by making it non standard.

It will resell much better if it remains untouched than if you try to modify it. This means more money will be available to go towards your next car ;)
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