Skoda Fabia VRS modifications

Modifications done so far to myskoda fabia VRS:

Intercooler fitted, k & n induction kit, Dump valves, 215/40/17 tyres with new alloys and also bigger brakes tarox to go with them made from Italy.

More to do like the clutch before I do suspension and strut bars.:-D
I beleive that the Scirocco or was it the Corrado clutch and lighter flywheel that would fit. Do you know what power you are putting down - it sounds like it surprises people, especially at the lights.
If you contact Helix directly in Banbury on 01295 701076 they'll give you details of distributors/dealers local to you. I'm considering one of these to replace the clutch in my remapped 406. It's slipping a bit now (101,000 miles from new on original clutch) and has had a remap about 60,000 miles ago as well, which does load up the clutch significantly.

At the moment it's just a graceful increase in revs under acceleration in higher gears but soon it'll be clouds of smoke and no progress at all.
Modifications done so far to myskoda fabia VRS:

Intercooler fitted, k & n induction kit, Dump valves, 215/40/17 tyres with new alloys and also bigger brakes tarox to go with them made from Italy.

More to do like the clutch before I do suspension and strut bars.:-D
what induction kit did you get? or how did you manage to fool MAF sensor and exhaust back pipe. I assume that vRS is like 1.9TDi. I don't have manual for vRS, but it seems to me exactly same. thanks
pretty much any decent filter will do mate.

why do you need to fool the MAF ? the induction kit can be attached to the maf using a silicone joiner.
ok its the petrol i have and not the diesel but have tried a pipercross panel filter in a smoothed airbox with the golf r32 dsg intake pipes - cost about £70 all new parts and about an hour of work with dremmel, chisel and stanley knife. made the car more responsive.
now i have a BMC CDA induction kit and still use the DSG intake to supply cold air. only difference is noise

dump valves are not needed on diesels. its alot of money for a little bit of noise and lets face it the PD engines dont exactly sound like a petrol anyway
problem is with intake air pressure. I have already machined reduction for RS airbox thus my original one has been damaged and draw air outside the filter.

Once, I put higher diameter inlet pipe (adapter), ECU switched to safe map because there was lack of air pressure due larger diameter of intake manifold.

I want to try machine adapter for induction kit. BUt, it needs housing for MAF sensor and exhaust gases back pipe. That is why I wondered how tel_boy got induction kit on his fabia RS. it is basically fabia 1.9 tdi.

so you say there is no point of installing induction kit since it won't change response of engine and improve airflow???
as i say on the petrols you get very similar reading between a panel filter with larger intake fitted to the airbox and a £200 cold air kit. ok maybe a bhp or 2 between them but are you really going to notice a couple of bhp ? and the spare £100 odd quid can go on something else

i know when i fitted my kit i needed to get a silicone joiner to connect the maf to the filter and a couple of jubile clips.

give me a minute and ill load up ETKA and see if the airboxes are the same on the diesels, i think they are on the golfs anyway
airboxes look the same between the fabia petrol 2.0 and the 1.9 however they have different suffix to the part numbers.

nothing to stop you carving up the bottom of the airbox and fitting a decent cold air feed to it.

the maf looks to be the same 2.5" maf which is 3" external. so a 76mm to ?? should fit the induction kit if you chose to go that way. and a small filter on the secondary intake. - mines broke off the airbox around 20k ago and ive never fixed it so its still open to the elements. really should get a filter on it at some point although its only used for a short time for cold starting
I am not sure about petrols, but diesels don't like it. Once i replaced incorrect airbox, performance dropped to level of 1.4 16V :-(

I had connected VAG-COM/VCDS and logged boost pressure road test. even at idle revs, there is 0.1bar less pressure due larger diameter of intake pipe.

original manifold is 66mm inside diametr if i remember correctly and RS is 71 or os. THis little difference improves air mass flow, but reduces air pressure. And that is something ECU doesn't like.

I have dismantled half of car, even wanted to change turbo :) just to find out it is stupid wrong air box ;)
I want to try keep same inside diameter of original MAF sensor housing nad machine adapter before MAF sensor housing. you get PD160 intake pipe which will feed bottom part of air box and top section will be removed and replaced by conical filter.

what do you think. is it worthy? all i want to get more air in, better engine response and get car ready for remap.

the airbox is similar to what i had originally done to mine. the 1.8t is very small for size where as the Dsg one is bigger

means cutting the bottom of the box bigger to fit it.

it would need to be a pretty small conical filter to fit. might be worth measuring the filter area of it and that of the panel filter to see which one has the largest.

the lower pressure can be compensated by the the remap to run at a slightly higher boost. the lower restriction will allow the air in quicker. there is also a volvo v6 inlet manifold that can be fitted by knocking off cylinder 1 and 6 and welding up. its something that isnt done much over here however so theres little info on it

changing to the bigger 3" internal maf isnt worth it unless you were going to the 2260 turbo from the 3.0 tdis (its also used by BMW ;))
To me, that airbox seems to restrict airflow too much.

I can make any part I need for my car. So any conical filter ;)

I have stnadart map now so ECU didn't like it ;) I purchased original airbox and PD160 inlet pipe. In case I will sell my car once I will leave UK.

Basically, unless I change bigger turbo. there is no point of changing original airbox? Just keep it same way and ask for remap.
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Hi guys im looking for some advise. ive got a corsa 1.2 (my first car) looking to change it for a diesel as i do alot of miles back and fore to work, and basically something with a bit more poke.

ive been told the fabia vrs is the best go for and have been looking into it for quite a while, there is one for sale near me ive test drove it. i was wondering which would be the best first modification to make to it as i know this car can have alot of modifications done to it.

Many thanks
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hey and welcome to the site.

remap will cost you around £300. and you will see around 170bhp and close to 300ftlb of torque

breathing in on this engine is pretty good so not much needing done
breathing out cats are quite restrctive so decat it - unlike petrol there is no emsissions test.

after that big turbo from the 3.0 Q7 or BMW 330d but thats if your wanting to hit around 260bhp

only thing is save for a new clutch as the 300ftlb is near enough max what the stock one can take and will quickly wear out if booted alot. if the vrs comes with a 5spd box your laughing but if its a 6 spd your looking at over £1k for an uprated one
Thats great thanks for the advise pgarner. by the way what type of cluch would you recommend so i can keep ny eye out and get some prices oh yeh its the 6 speed box.
the 6 spd have very few options avalible all of which run close to agrand fitted
sachs seem to have the most common setup with a single mass or duel mass flywheel
im looking at springs for my vrs im stuck was loking at coilovers originally apex but im turned off the idea because they werent that expensive i cant really afford to buy an 800 pound set. well cant justify it! lol what springs would be the best for good cornering?? good to have a reply soonish cant wait much longer :)
how low are you wanting ? H&R have good things said about them. what are you lowering for? looks or handling

i did look at weitec coilovers - although they arent good if your wanting looks as they only go down 50mm max i think
im looking for performance i dont think too low is too good anyway so id onlly want 50 mm max just performance springs! what are you thinking? im gunna keep the shocks i got. xxx
well im only dropping it 40 mm now and its already lowered 10 mm standard anyway so 30 mm should be fine
dropped it 40 mm lovely ha changed front tyres to put pzero neros on wow but still needs a little something for handing but its on the edge of being unpractical and a bit uncomfortable at times? What do u think?
No it didnt even cross my mind. Damn lol monday il.get that done:) what make?
I try to the springs of my stack VRS was im loking at the apex coilovers origin but im off the idea because they were not so expensive I can not really afford to buy a set £ 800 .
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my apex spring are good but bit too good after over a year of bone shaking it want the old ones back i can safely say il never do that again!
Hello Felas,I have recently bought a 2006 fabia vrs 1.4 100Le.I want more power any suggestions?Thanks Atti
Greetings and Welcome to our TorqueCars Forum my Friend! :)

I am unable to help you with your question directly, but hopefully somebody can point you in the right direction for the knowledge that you seek!

Good luck! :)

Hello Felas,I have recently bought a 2006 fabia vrs 1.4 100Le.I want more power any suggestions?Thanks Atti
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