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I'm new to this site and have recently bought a 2012(62) Octavia 2.0TD VRS estate Blackline and am looking to have it remapped. Could anyone tell me what sort of price I should be paying for this to be done?
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Prices vary wildly depending on who you use and where you are, also whether your having a generic map installed or having a bespoke one made.

Typically expect to pay anywhere between £100 and £500.

We have some traders on here who will be able to assist you, also pop onto the websites for Celtic Tuning and Viezu who are very good.

Good luck.
I'd say you should expect to pay around £300 for a good remap. Ignore the headline power figures, it's all about drivability and mid range torque.

In addition to the Suggestions above try Revo and APR, beware that a lot of the cheap end maps are very generic and we strongly recommend you stick with the larger companies.
also look to shark who are retubilby the best at the VAG 2.0 oil burning lump. As the ECU us locked its a whip out and map on the bench job so you really need a full day. also watch out for the DPF so make sure you who ever maps your car also offers the DPF delete option otherwise your going to have to look at getting it mapped twice once the DPF starts to fill up.
Also if you have the DSG you may need that mapped as well to get the best from the auto box.

i paid £450 for my remap and enquired about the DPF removal at another £400. the original plan was as soon as i started to get the light saying it was regenerating then id get it booked in. shame i got no warning other than sudden loss of boost.

im going to go against revo in this case as they are known to be bad for ramping up the initial boost so you get a nice surge but its not so nice on the clutch - remembering a standard diesel vrs has about as much torque as a remapped petrol vrs its up to around 340ftlb once mapped so can kill the clutch if your rough with it. mines starts to slip after around 150-200 miles if i drive it in one go. Shame as the REVO map on my 1.8t was fantastic
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