skoda fabia styling


fabia 1.6
hello everyone i am new to this site and i have recently bought a i am looking out for some bodykits and paintjobs so please if anyone has any contact pls help me.
Hello and welcome.

I would'nt bother adding parts to your car. As the car will lose its value quite fast, and competition at the lower level is rife, you will never be able to sell if you have body pats added to it. If your not interested in upgrading the engine, then i'd look at the handling side of things. That way, its a bonus when selling not a negative.

P.S. As all the guys on here will tell you, I am not a fan of Skoda, so maby dont listen to me! lol :D
hey and welcome tot he site mate

glad youve not asked about performance as the 1.6 that was in the mk1 fabia isnt a great engine.

what kind of bodykits are you looking at ?
personally id say to keep it pretty simple and look at parts from the VRS - woundnt bother with the badges however
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