New ECU Cannot Handle Engine Rebuild & Now 2002 Dakota Won't Run


Mint Hill, NC
2002 Dakota 4.7L
I opted to have my 4.7L magnum in my 2002 Dakota Sport rebuilt instead of having a $500.00 payment on a new truck; the engine purrs and doesn't leak a drop of anything. Once the rebuilt engine was installed, and every other component replaced new (all sensors, radiator, water pump, fuel pump, etc.), my check engine light came on and would not go off. I spent another $1,500 going to mechanics to find out why it was throwing "multiple misfire" codes, yet the truck was driving like a brand new vehicle - smooth as silk.

I replaced the ECU and the codes came back. So I sent the ECU back under warranty, and the replacement ECU allowed me just enough time to pass inspection (NC), before the check engine light came back on, but now the truck won't run. I disconnected the negative terminal over night, and drove the truck the next day with no problem until the ECU threw the Check Engine light back on, and now the truck stalls, hiccups, and is not safe to drive as it shuts down while driving. I know it is the ECU but I don't know what to do about it?

Any ECU experts out there?

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