ecu remapping advice

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    G’day from WA

    Hello all, Looking forward to some sound advice on my questions relating to my Astra. So yeah. I purchased my Astra second hand 8months back now. This is a HOLDEN BK ASTRA RS, Manual 2016 4 Door Hatchback FWD PETROL 1.6 litre, B16SHT I4 16v DOHC I/C Turbo Direct Inj {147kW} Above imported from...
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    BMW B47D20 120d vs 125d

    Hi everyone, i'm looking for a while for some answers about the exact difference between the B4720D engine mounted on the bmw 120d and the one mounted non the 125d. other than the twin turbo, what other difference do they have? fuel pump, injectors, ECU, wiring ? is the remapping possible? i...
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    New ECU Cannot Handle Engine Rebuild & Now 2002 Dakota Won't Run

    I opted to have my 4.7L magnum in my 2002 Dakota Sport rebuilt instead of having a $500.00 payment on a new truck; the engine purrs and doesn't leak a drop of anything. Once the rebuilt engine was installed, and every other component replaced new (all sensors, radiator, water pump, fuel pump...
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    Stage 2 for 1.4 TSI (150BHP)?

    Hi, I Have a seat Leon Fr 1.4 - 2015 - (150 BHP) and I am trying to get it as fast as I can SAFTEY, I would like to get my car to stage 2 however I don't want to blow the engine, I currently have the following MODS installed K&N Induction Kit, Forge Dump Valve, Decat Down pipe & Res delete...
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    ECU Tuning Problem

    I have a 2006 Silverado and the shop tuning it is having a problem where the tune gets to being 75% complete and then stops . They tried 3 different PCMs and none of them would complete the download on my truck. Anyone have a clue about what might be going on ? Why won’t it complete the...
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    ford mondeo ambiente Ecoboost MK5 2018 2.0 Petrol

    Good afternoon all, I have just got the above mentioned car and would like to see if anyone knows if Cobb accessport v3 is available for this Aussie version at all? If not has anyone tried the super chip device. I would rather stick to Cobb if possible. oh does anyone know which Garrett Turbo...

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