new daily driver Fiesta ST 180

Hi everyone been looking at upgrading our current daily driver 08 plate 308 1.6hdi for a while now, and after coming up with a few options we decided an st180 would fit the bill perfectly.

After a good search we took a trip to mansfield yesterday to view a real nice spirit blue with just under 40k, fsh, 12 months mot, hpi clear and completely standard.

As with anything i was expecting the car not to be as good as it was in the pictures, needless to say i was wrong and it was just as good.

Me and the wife both test drove the car as it will be more for her than me as i use the van all week and most saturdays tbh.
We were blown away at just how well it drove and i was actually taken by surprise at just how quick it was as i was not expecting much from 180bhp (easily quicker than our old 210bhp mk1 octavia vrs)

anyway got back struck a great deal with the garage and we go to collect the car this coming sunday cant bloody wait :)

got 3 pics but more to come once we get it home.

i do have a few plans for the car but no silly stuff as its gotta be a daily so no droning exhaust systems etc.

induction kit/turbo induction hose and possibly hot/cold side boost kit should help it flow a bit more i reckon, might go for de cat downpipe and then a remap but will have to see


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hi everyone got a bit of a surprising update our car will be going this coming saturday so iv been putting it all back to standard yesterday and still have a few of the goodies left so give the classifieds a check out :)

The wife has been out in a friends Audi Q3 and she honestly wouldnt shut up about how much she likes them so one night when she got in and started talking about it i just turned to her and said why dont you jusy chop the ST in and get one then. I think she never expected me to say that and it shocked her but id sat and thought iv got my RS Turbo as my toy and my van is my daily driver so think its only fair she has something that she likes and in reality will be far more practical for her etc.


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Just caught up with your amazing build thread, keep the updates coming, I love reading about your car.

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