New Audi A7 spy shots

They did do an extended 4-door A5. Tbh all this different model crap BMW and Audi keep coming out with is stupid. Can't see how they're making any money but they clearly are! Oh hang on....maybe it's the massive premium you're paying for the badge!
Sounds about right, they do make good cars but there is a lot of badge engineering behind it as well, I suppose the 2 worst cars for that are the A3 and the 1 series
I think this car will be in direct competition with the BMW 5 series .. and show a lot of new design trends for the brand. Even with a camouflage car looks fantastic.

Did not see any difference :?/

perhaps only what i noticed is lesser smooth round at the back as its previous model.

but must say it looks not worse as the newer merc CLS.

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