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Ok heres a challenge and lets see how long we can make this thread. I reckon there are only about 20 main engine configurations out there.

List an engine configuration (it must be available in a standard production car, please also list the car, engine code/name or common name.)

Flat Four Boxer - Impreza
20v inline 4 DOHC - VAG group 1.8T

etc... (Get in quick because it will only get harder!;))

(If we have already listed a DOHC 4 cylinder inline then you can only list it if it has a different valve or injection configuration - a different CC capacity is not a different configuration. Diesel engines are also allowed.)
fiat 5 cylinder 20 valve
citroen flat 2 (2cv)
alfa flat 4, 8 valve
porsche flat 6
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Cylinder layouts only:

Narrow angle V5 and V6 - VAG

Inline 5 (Audi initially, Volvo uses this still)

W8 and W12 (VAG)

Flat twin (Citroen 2CV)

V4 (Saab and Ford Corsair)

Inline 6 (classic format, perfect balance - BMW inline 6's are silky)
Valve configurations are getting interesting as well. 5 per cylinder was popular in the VAG 1.8T and 1.8 NATASP units. Not sure why it needs this many but they are still very nice engines indeed.

Assymetric turbocharging ?
Actually - that brings in another setup. The OHV pushrod engines or Vauxhalls CIH (Cam-In-Head) but not true OHC arrangements.

RR's ancient 6750cc V8 was a pushrod motor.

So was the famous Ford Cologne V6 (2792cc originally). What a versatile engine. Cosworth slapped a pair of 4 valve-per-cylinder OHC heads on it and got best part of 220PS.
Noones mentioned the W4NKEL rotary engine yet. Or the renesis rotary (are they much different though?)
The rotary engine was devised by NSU (which became Audi) during the 1960s.

If we're allowing other forms of transport then the railways have had some interesting units over the years.
Nope Just cars. There are some pretty awesome airplane engines as well;) Are you a bit of a trainspotter then?
Nope Just cars. There are some pretty awesome airplane engines as well;) Are you a bit of a trainspotter then?

I had an interest for a while when I was younger but then it all got confusing with the different colour schemes, operators etc. Then all the trains started to look the same up and down the country

Why anyone pays it any interest now is beyond me.
Although traction is disallowed I'm going to submit this unique arrangement because it has also been used in marine applications.

3 crankshafts; 18 cylinders; 36 pistons; 36 ports and NO valves.

Any ideas?
Mazda Rotary #!#!#!#!el engine (ha ha the website edited #!#!#!#!el!!!).

Smart Suprex 3 cylinder, twin spark plug, turbo.
3 cylinder (VW Polo of today diesel & Daihatsu)
straight 8
V10 (Viper)

Deltic - that's the one I was on about with 36 pistons.

The 3 cylinder Polo TDi is very impressive. I drove one about 5 years ago and I never realised it was a three pot until recently. The owner preferred to refer to is as half of a V6 :)
Well the 1.8 vvtLi with its lift cams
same with the vtec engines

an old racer had a v16 engine

As ducati have now lost there patent on there desmo tronic system it might start poping up on some car engines. who knows??????
I thought it was something like that. It makes sense, you can go with much higher RPM engines with this. It would be interesting to see Honda taking this up in their VTEC engines.;)
Nah you spelt that wrong it's VVC :toung:;):lol:

Volkswagens Twincharger TSI engine.

All new engines use valve control (vvt vvc). I was going on about the lift cams on the honda's (V tec) and Yamahas designed Toyota vvt (L) i.

Got to love the lift cams!!!!!!!!!!!
Didn't some Kawasaki or Hayabusa (Suzuki) bikes use fully controlled valves so the closing is operated by another cam lobe rather than by a spring?
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I didn't see the V5 mentioned yet - it's an engine config as well as an annoying piece of paper that goes missing when you need it.
So it was - and H16 so I've missed those out. And the V4 that went in the Corsair and the Transit and the straight 5 that went in several cars including Land Rovers.
I did! That's a really interesting engine. The 5 cylinder assymetric setup gives it a gorgeous off beat warble as the revs rise. Not dissimilar to a flat plane crank V8.

I actually prefer the 10 valve one to the later 20 valve one; it's more flexible low down.

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