Honda F20C S2000 Engine failure


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All, thank you very much for having me on this very knowledgeable site.

I have a Honda F20c2 engine which has suffered from a spun bearing to two of the main block journals and wondered whether they are repairable?

The reason I ask is that another F20C block came my way when bought with a bunch of other spares and wasn't bought specifically has exactly the same issue but for the life of me I just cannot find anything online with this type of damage. AS I have two blocks with similar damage (from spun bearings) I cannot be alone with this hence this post.

As I am a newbie here so I cannot post any images but they are available to any interested parties.

Thank you in advance for your interest.

I would not think that it would be a manufacturing fault so am leaning to low oil levels OR lack of regular maintenance being the culprit as the hi reving F series motors were at the time produced the highest power per litre of any NA engine so IMO anything that puts out 100+ HP per litre is a race motor and oil levels should be monitored on a weekly basis.
These blocks came as part of a load pf parts as part of a purchase. I am trying to build up an engine from the spares I have available. It would seem that these for which I have two with identical issues have been starved of oil like you say which caused bearing slip and thus the damage incurred. My question is this; as I seem to have two with the same issue I suspect that this is a problem many have had from oil starvation and as such wondered if there was a fix/repair or are these blocks I have nothing short of a coffee table?
If it was my car /engine then I would get a specialist machine shop to examine it before doing anything else and if it is ok then have every welsh plug etc removed and dropped into a chemical cleaning bath or have every oil and water gallery steam cleaned with a hi pressure blaster.
Thank you very much - one block is definitely a coffee table but the other not so badly damaged block is currently with my local engine specialist having exactly that.

Thanks for everyones comments, much appreciated

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