First time doing a cambelt replacement: np200 1.6 (same as Renault K7M engine)


nissan np200 2012

Am about to undertake what for me is a big job. Cambelt/timing belt replacement.
I have no record of when the last change was done. the odometer is on 108,000 kms. The mechs say change is due every 90,000 kms. Already driven the car some, but know I should change the timing belt as there is no way to tell if it is due.

Is it possible the belt could have lasted this long after being due? In other words, is it possible it has never been changed at this mileage?
Thought I'd take a peek, first.

I lifted the car up. removed the front wheel, removed the engine mount and began to remove the cam-belt cover-bolts. One of which feels like it will only move with an impending snap.

So the question, now, is can I use an appropriate heating device to (safely) heat up the bolt, prior to putting it under further strain? I'm assuming an open flame e.g. a butane torch, would be a bad idea with fuel and oil components near by.

Any advice?
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