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Can someone point me to a garage that can overhaul my engine, replace stock parts, new cams, headers, throttle bodies etc, unfortunately this level of performance modding is beyond my current comprehension and I really need some help moving forward

I have a Vauxhall/Opel Insignia VXR 2.8T V6 although so you can appreciate the scope of my troubles it may be worth pointing out that both the engine and transmission of my car, Vauxhall kindly lifted from the SAAB 9-5 so Vauxhall specialits dont like to play with it and SAAB wont touch it because its got a Vauxhall Badge .V(
Hi the first thing i would consider is a 4-2-1 exhaust manifold and de-cat or 4-1 for all top end gains but big losses down low. Personally if it’s road use i would go 4-2-1 with long primary pipes for good all round torque. This will also compliment your porting.
Sorry only just realised its a v6. Still a good set of headers with no cat will help.
Thanks for your response Octobox,

I already have a secondary decat, I didnt really want to remove the primary but if its essential i'll definately consider it, Its currently running at 560nm torque and although more is better I need to consider some of the stock mechanicals, I upgraded the rear clutch becasue it was only rated to 550, I really do need some professional guidance at this point, I dont want to cause any damage because ive only done half a job, I am sure there is quite a bit to be done to the engine and I would prefer to get it done in one hit
Sorry I’m not familiar with the motor- I can’t advise on its strengths and weaknesses.
Good look
Its a vauxhall, it has very few strengths other than its insanely quick and has four wheel drive lol What I really need is a garage that specialises in modifying cars, back in the day there was one on every corner but finding somewhere now is near impossible.

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