How to start tuning?


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I am young car lover and i would like to become auto mechanic one day now im only 14. I would like to start my own project car with my friend. But if we buy some old car what parts should we tune first that are not too expensive and what should we look into first when starting project car? Thanks for all the help if someone answesers.
First thing I did which was a nice easy start, replacing the air filter and or an induction kit, new intake. Nice ish start. Example : (
). Not done more myself as I just got my car but after that hard pipes may be a shout :)
Learn how to service your car first, then just look at what money you have towards little changes brakes, wheels, pipes & filters, also learn how to clean a car properly this will always make you feel good |B
Check out Cobb Tuning Accesstuner program. You’d have to learn one platform at at time such as Subaru, Ford, Porsche, Mazdaspeed etc. They set you up with a tuning course through EFI University for $149 USD and then provide you the tuning software that works with their Accessport. The downside with this is you can only tune one car.

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