Engine won't start (plus a good little story)


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Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi
Okay, so had a servicing disaster today. Decided to take on servicing my focus today. Read the Haynes manual beforehand so I could get an idea of what to do. Got my tools ready and head off to my girlfriends house where they have a covered area with electric where I could do my servicing.
Problems started straight away. My girlfriends sister parked her 106 where I was going to service my car so I had to get her to move it. She wasn't it. Found a key though. Car wouldn't start. Push it out through sludgey grass. Done. Got my car in and found the ramps I borrowed wouldn't fit under the front bumper. Back to town to get my trolley jack and axel stands.
Got back, car jacked up, undertray off, tools ready....Nothing to catch the old oil in!! FFUUUUU...okay so i found an old bucket to use. Don't tell anyone, I didn't ask.
Now, my oil filter is located under my fuel filter, so i have to remove fuel filter and it's holder, Haynes says "remove the 4 bolts on top and one torx on the side" (photo included)
Now the person who serviced it previously and only fit 3 bolts back on and the photo showed the wrong torx bolt. The one i needed was very hard to see so I spend a long time trying to figure out why it wouldn't come off.
Eventually the Filter and bracket came off. Okay, next up, getting the oil filter off. "Damn and blast!! where is my 27mm socket!?" I cried. Girlfriends mum is in town, i ask her to nip into town and get me a 27mm socket for 3/4" drive. After waiting an hour for her to get back, i find there were none in the shops. But she did bring me a sandwich and a cuppa. All is forgiven :)
By now the sun is falling and i'm losing light. My only option, after a few improvisations, was to put the new oil in without the new filter for now.

While waiting for the socket bit i had managed to change the fuel and air filter

I lower the car down to fill it with oil. "Darn toot'n, i forgot to put the undertray back on!!" Car raised again, undertray on, car lowered.

Then i realise i forgot to put a bit back on the fuel filter, so i take the 3 bolts back off, slip on the bracket. First bolt back on, second...falls into the engine bay. I hear it land on the undertray....

Car up, undertray off...No bolt...Bolt is actually on the floor. Under tray on, Car down.

Fuel filter fully reassembled. Everything is back on and all my tools are cleared.
Key in ignition. YEY IT STARTS!!!...It dies. Wont start again. I figure its because no fuel is getting the the engine, so i re-read my Haynes and see i need to bleed the system. Okay. Says i need a pump. I don't have a pump, result = mouth full of diesel
Car still wont start. Battery going dead.
Ring dad, dad comes to help. He gets mouth full of diesel. Car still won't start. Need to jump start battery. Push car out through sludgey grass and back up into the covered area. Can't push it up though. Work in sludgey grass! More firey breaths later and car still wont start. I'm back home, my car is still at my girlfriends :(

Changes fuel filter loads of times on the bora diesel but forunately its not the same kind of system so all you need to do is crank the engine til it fills up
I hope so. it would only go one way. trying again tonight if I can get a lift there.

Hope your right there as I have seen filters with a flow direction arrow printed on it :blink: Might be worth a double check to avoid a school boy error!

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