Looking to start my first project car


New Zealand
Corolla 1996 Gs
So Im 18, and have been driving for about 8 months now. Basically Im very fresh to the idea of car tuning as what sparked my interest was overtaking someone who then reovertook me and we ended up racing home (it was open country roads dont worry :^) ). So that got me into wanting to tune my own car. I'm looking into starting my first project on an 80s corolla hatchback as I love the shape and have seen what theyre like heavily tuned. However I have no experience, and don't know how much I'm in for spending as none of my friends or family are that into cars so I have no reference.

So basically I'm after any basic tips, what parts I might need and some numbers at what I might be spending (looking for a paint job too, 80s corrola hatchbacks dont look right if theyre not 2 tone black and white)
Also I'm from New Zealand so let me know what currency youre using cos theres a very large difference between USD and NZD <3

Thanks everyone

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