B4 Legacy won't start


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I have a 99 legacy in Japan that a friend is trying to sell for me but it won't stay running. At first if he pulled the MAF the car would run but now it won't run at all. The garage he is taking it to says it might be the turbos(a $2500 job). I'm not too proficient with turbos but it dosn't seem very likely to me. Anyone have any insight on this issue?
Sounds like someone's trying it on mate as you aren't there to oversee the diagnosis or work required. Get a second opinion as the description alone is not enough to point a finger at. Can you elaborate more on the issue, what is does, what it doesn't do etc?
As you said, I'm not there to over see the process and the mechanic was just speculating. He did ask a few others but the guy I pointed him towards is awesome. I'll poast again when I find out more, maby someone else can benifit from the solution. Untill then, I'm just looking for possibilities that might cause this issue.
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