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subaru legacy
hi there

i was just wondering other then and air filter and exhaust system what else can i do to gain more power for my 1993 legacy 2.0 without spending an overly amount of money?

where would be the best place to get performance parts from?


The biggest power gain usually comes from a fast road cam.

Sadly more noticably power does cost money and on a NASP engine you have to spend quite a bit to get a power gain.

Is it running well? It might benefit from a decoke and cleanout. Injectors can get pretty crudded up in time as well.
oh ok are there any sites which would be the best place to get performance parts from for a 2 litre legacy to have a shop round?

yea it seems to be running fine considering the amount of milage it has done lol
ok then cheers

if anybody knows of any other sites i would be most thakful
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