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Legacy 2.5i SE
Hi there,

am new to the forum. I have a 2005 Legacy 2.5i SE manual. It's a great car but could do with some more power. Any one have a modified one? Is it worth getting a remap, new air filter and maybe a better exhaust?
What sort of power increase could i achieve at reasonable cost?
any help appreciated

Hi, its the 2.5 manual na engine 162bhp

Just received a quote from a copmpany called Morego

For £400 they will install a "Starchip" which they claim will give +18bhp and +22 Nm Torque
Has anyone used them before? are the claims realistic?
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Thanks for the reply Steve

ok, i thought it was a bit optimistic. Can i just ask, does it affect fuel economy much. Also, do you have to run it on Super\98 or will it still work on 95 RON fuel?
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