2008 Legacy 2.5GT 5eat.



So I am really hoping that this forum is not like the rest "*#*#*#*# INFO".

I have a 2008 LGT that I would like to start building up. And what I mean by that is. I am looking to achieve 300 AWHP but at the same time maintain a healthy DD. Now I do understand thee importance of watching what you bolt on. What I need help with is "with those bolt on mods, how do I find a good baseline?" am i running to rich? Is a VF52 to big of turbo? Or do I have a great template sitting right in front of me waiting to be unchoked from the shitty factory tune? any help would be great!
Greetings jeremiah and welcome to our TorqueCars forum :)

Subaru is not a car I am familiar with, but we do have a Japanese car specialist on here who has an extensive knowledge on tuning these cars to a ridiculously high level. @SLEEPER hopefully if the main man sees this he will be able to put a few suggestions your way.

Good luck
that turbo can produce that power but you will need bigger injectors and a few other mods. There is also bound to be more lag - you cant get that power from nothing.
Regardless of what info is out there I would always look at fitting a better ECU so you can get a proper remap.
I would also look at the borg warner efr range as the new technology will almost certainly give a better spool up with the same power.
And remeber that much more power will need better brakes etc etc
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