Audi quattro 2.8 top end rattle when cold


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By Duncan Smith on Wednesday, May 05, 2004 - 09:27 pm: Edit

Advice please,

my 120000 mile 1998 2.8 Audi quattro Avant has a worrying "top end rattle" when starting from cold. It only lasts a couple of seconds (if as long as that) then everything is fine. Should I be worried ? Any ideas ?
A job for Audi to look at??
Hi Duncan,

If by the 'high end rattle' you mean a high pitched squeaking noise coming from the engine when you start it up i think this might be related with the engine belts. i am not sure which one could this be since, as far as i'm aware, there are several types of belts per engine, but i would advice just to go to local technicians and let them have a quick look of what's going on. I'm pretty sure if this issue will be dealt with quickly, it will cost not much to repair...
good luck!
I'd tend to agree with you Aurimas on this. Wrong oil selection or a minor adjustment to the tappets are probably all that is needed.
I would Agree with Aurimas, that it could be a loose belt, and it might also need changing if the belt is dry. A technician check would be a good suggestion too.
Sounds like a couple of things down to Driver/owner error, or Mechanic if thats who serviced it. Definatly sounds like the wrong oil is in there as from what you say the sound dissapears after a second or 2. The correct oil will be designed to be the right viscosity and not sound tappety from cold all the way through the tempreture. If the wrong grade oil is in there then the oil wont be thin enough to travel round the engine untill it's been warmed up a little. Try having a look on the web and see if you can't find a spec list, or even better, give your local Audi shop a quick tinkle and ask them ;)

But bottom line, dont drive your car untill the engine has has at least 3-4 mins to move the fluids round properly, if you dont it will cause unnessercery damage when the fluids aren't doin what they should. I know it's really only turbo's that need to be at running temp first but it certainly wont hurt your car if you give a couple of mins or so before hitting the road.
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