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hello all,
my nickname is rocky, i own a audi 80 tdi quattro estate, i only brought the car 3 weeks ago running fine till last night when i notice an oil leak i'v checked the head and expansion bottle for creamy froth and the oil filter all seems to be good has i'm not completely mechanically sounder,
iv notice a small rubber cup attached to the side of engine on a ???? pump???? or some sort of unit????unsure just beneath the oil filter, help is needed to figure what this unit is?.. i feel absolutly stupid, has i know must of the engine, but wouldn't attempt to strip it,. my intention for my car is to spray a picture of a ghost rider on the body work, has im a artist,.
will not be increasing the performance of the car has it already quick,
and its already got sport alloys on, thanks for any help rocky
We'd need a picture really but you can't post any up on here till you pass the 10 post mark. How many wires/pipes go into it?
Does your engine bay look like this one?

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