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    got my calibra, really cool looking and handles extremely well in turns. The only problem I have with it is that when i press the gas pedal hard the car doesnt want to accelerate as an 150bhp car should... I figured there could be something blocking the gas flow or something.. Any help would be...
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    Which one?

    I'm planning to buy a new car, it's either a toyota celica stage 5 or an opel calibra -91? both have about the same mileage, horsepower, and price. The only difference what I know of are the different looks? Does anyone know any major fault for either car?
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    GPS machines

    Its a garmin Nuvi, well sometimes its showed a really weird route but you have to use common sense as you use them. If you're really lost and have no idea of where to find yourself on the map a gps will show you at least where you are.
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    GPS machines

    I just bought a simple machine for about 150£. I've had the machine for only 2 days now and I will probably throw the map away as the GPS is much easier to use. The only bad thing about it is that it can't pronounce words too well and sometimes you misunderstand what it is trying to say. If...
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    some help would be nice

    thanks for the help Well the factory speakers are non existent, i bought some cheaper speakers to the front doors, not anything great but still surprisingly good. I though that it would become cheaper to just buy the parts here in Finland... About the car, it is an old vauxhall astra mk II...
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    some help would be nice

    I have about 600€ to spend on a car audio system, thats about 300-400 £. How a reasonable system would I be able to get with this amount of money, including subwoofers?
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    Cadence Braking

    always use cadence braking in winter Here in Finland at winter time if your winter tyres arent brand new and you dirve an older car with no abs (like my old vauxahall astra) cadence braking is a must. There has been a couple of close calls, like driving out of the road at 60mph. In my opinion...
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    My ride

    cool Now that's some serious pimping.
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    How do you feel about letting other people drive your car?

    I just like other people to try my car as it is quite old. Theres always a small challenge of driving it smoothly if you don't know how to work with the clutch and gas...
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    most beautiful car

    what do you guys think is the most beautiful classic car ver made? I think that the Corvette stingray -69 is the most beautiful ever. The engine isn't that bad either...
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    vauxhall astra 1.6i/opel kadett 1.6i

    I'm having some problems with the carburettor. Is it hard to take it off the car and clean it? The car is running ok but when it warms up enough and the choke goes off it starts jerking. Any ideas?
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    Get rid of those Morons driving to close!

    a good way a really good way is just to pull the window washer. When your car is wiping the window, some of the liquid flies over your car onto the car behind you. Just seeing the car behind you pull the wipers is hilarious. usually the do leave some space after this.
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    I failed :(

    1st time passed the first time, first the normal car license. After 3 weeks the truck license... :)
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    I was looking at panel filters for it and found one which would have fitted. this only costs around 80€. I read in other discussions that it increased the performance quite a lot in some cars and less in others...
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    my car is an old opel kadette -90. it has a sport exhaust so it makes quite a nice sound.... the engine is 1.6. is there any cheap way to tune the car to increase the performance?