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    Waynne's new car

    Looks very nice. An Estate eh? Isn't that an old mans car?!
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    Funny parking note

    Try that, the image is now attached instead of linked.
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    Funny parking note

    I think this man parked on someones delicate region and he's not happy about it!
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    Are air tools worth getting

    Does anyone on here use air powered tools, are they worth getting and how much would it cost to get a basic but useful air tool setup? Would I be right in thinking that an compressor can also be used for paint spraying as well as powering sanders and screwdriver/socket guns.
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    Alloy Advice

    Keep the outer circumference the same or you mess up the gearing and handling. Go with some 16 inchers if there are 15 inchers on there but put a 40 or 45 profile tyre on it.
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    Ever been let down

    :lol: I wondered where you were going with that! With men you treat em mean and keep em keen!
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    15/16 or 17 inch alloys for ford puma

    The Racing Puma also has flared arches, possible wider wheels and a different suspension setup. Put these on a standard Puma and you won't like the results, I guarantee it.
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    Audi S4 advice?

    How old is the car? How long have you had it?
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    Audi S4 advice?

    Try running it for a bit without the air filter, this might lean up the mix a bit. If this works then an induction kit will help. But this still doesn't answer the oil consumption. Are there any oil leaks? My boyfriend thinks that something like this is down to the valves leaking oil if the...
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    15/16 or 17 inch alloys for ford puma

    17 would be too big and ruin the ride and handling of your Puma. A good friend of mine had one and put some 17 inchers on it and regretted it.
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    Ever been let down

    Cars i've had no trouble with but it's the men who are always letting me down :(:(:(:(
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    Audi S4 advice?

    Does it still have a catalyst? Is the filter still a standard one or an induction kit? Has it been remapped? Does the exhaust look smoky it should with all that oil dissapearing? What grade oil are you using.
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    Is the world going SUV mad

    They have a place. I guess people with big cars are looking for something smaller and cheaper to run around in but they still need the interior space and carrying capacity.
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    Ford puma enhancemnts plz help!

    Induction kits and exhaust are mainly for sound rather than power on small engines. You could look at a supercharger kit, fast road cams or a remap if you want more power. Looks wise just get a nice set of 16 inchers on it and tint the rear windows and rear lights.
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    TopGear and the Yeti

    Was it a review or just a bit of entertainment. It was impressive to see it get up that mud hill but I think all the rest was just for entertainment value. What kind of idiot gets a permenent tattoo done that looks that bad! I hope he got paid a lot of money! On your question about Skoda...