Funny parking note


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I think this man parked on someones delicate region and he's not happy about it!


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Well if that note was left on my car, i'm not altogether sure what I would make of it to be honest! Think I would just write on the note paper requesting a translation please! leave the note behind and then just drive away!
I remember once parking over 2 spaces in our local Sainsburys, couldnt find a parent and child and had a huge car seat to try and get out. There were loads of spaces so I wasn't stopping anyone else parking.

Came back to see the following note on my windscreen written on a KFC tissue.


"grate parkin u nob."

Well, I thought to myself, I might not be able to park but I am at least literate.
It kind of goes between anger "**** you Guy!" and genuine concern for the driver "You OK?" I wonder how they deal with their massive mood swings because as that's a written note how must they behave normally?

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