Would love some help with Exhaust :)


Lancer GLI CE
Hey guys, I've got a Mitsubishi Lancer 1998 GLI CE, I'm a young car enthusiast, I
don't know much about tuning and such but I'm slowly learning, I would love for
someone to help me (tune) my car, e:g information and suggestion, the teen
before me had drilled holes in the exhaust to make a "Muffler" of some sort so I'm
thinking of replacing the entire manifold (I believe that's what its called) and I've
been looking at the Cat Back 3 inch straight exhausts, I want a nice tone to the car
but as well improve the HP a little since I'm losing some with one of the cylinders
having a lower ratio compress rate then the other 3, open to suggestions and
anything else I could do, I'm not worried about the price but quality for price
Thanks :)
Greetings and welcome to our TorqueCars forum :)

You clearly have a long task ahead of you my friend BUT the guys on here are the salt of the earth and you are in the right place for the advice that you seek. I will pass this on to the more knowledgeable of our members and hopefully you will receive some positive advice soon.

Good luck :)
Hi and welcome.

Before you do ANYTHING else, sort out the low compression. You can't compensate for it by playing around with the exhaust as it will still be low and losing you power.

What are the compression figures?
They should be 200 but there running at 190ish besides one that was 185
Not sure if its worth the time to fix it or replace an engine for it
The variance between all cylinders are less then 10 which is (to my knowledge) in spec, so I just realized I wouldn't be losing much at all, the engine itself has done at least 300,000km's so the rings are a little tired, but they have lasted on the good little engine

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