206cc 2.0 exhaust blowing


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Hi my exhaust has hole in cat just got car but seen as I got get exhaust any advice on performance exhaust to fit car from manifold back
Have a look around to see if you have a local shop who make custom stainless, sometimes its not a lot different then buying a named off the shelf kit as most only do cat back from what I can see unless you want to cat delete (at your own risk) then you can get some ebay headers for £200 & a £500 Jetex system I'm unsure if the headers have the cat delete pipe but looks awesome

ebay Headers

Jetex Performance Exhaust

Or replace the cat which appear to be less than £100 depending on model and just do a cat back which may be quicker and cheaper.
your going to be looking at either longlife or powerflow for a custom system mate

or there is this on ebay atm

also sportex do list a few systems for the 206cc again these can be fount on ebay
there must be a second hand cat out there somewhere?

otherwise find yourself a friendly mot station and decat the thing :)
Nope decide on cat off eBay lol now got to get rest old cat actually snapped in half on me was dragging on floor all way home but I'm going see about rest of exhaust on payday now beginning of month
One I bought off eBay doesn't fit good rattles

doesnt sound good etc but at least cat works emissions ok for mot. So custom job me thinks

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