What head unit are you running?


Torque King
Wolverhampton, U.K.
Have you changed the head you unit from the OEM one? What did you go for & why? What's your favourite & your least feature?

I have a Blaupunkt Brisbane SD48 receiver, It was the right price & it plays music from SD cards, it has no CD mechanism.
I love the Sound & build quality the fascia has taken a 2 years of abuse in my work bag & still looks good! I don't like the slightly confusing sound options & there are settings that I still don't fully understand & weren't clearly described in the manual. :D
I have a JVC something, letters and numbers model.

It has WMA, MP3 and DAB, the latter is the main reason I got it. The sound output is very very good and the controls are quite intuitive, unless you want to turn off the auto showoff display feature!:D
Alpine 9#### in the boot sits on aux all the time and the carputer does all the hard work

agreed loz the manual had how to adjust the time delay to each speakers so it sounds better in the drivers seat. way to complicated at least changing the colour to match the OEM colour was easy
There a Blaupunkt MP54 in the Seat. The OEM one was Grundig and not especially good.

The Peugeot had a factory Clarion HU with factory fit JBL (Harman Kardon) amps and speakers. Didn't bother upgrading any of it as it was very articulate and musical.
Still got the OEM Ford unit in mine...

CD changer, Sat nav, audio controls, dont really need much else really and it still kicks a bit when up loud.
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