95 Eclipse Retro head unit


Wrench Pro
1995 Eclipse GS
So while searching for the aftermarket install kit and a good head unit my uncle brings me one to use. Yes the title says retro but Im looking for some suggestions on how to hook up amps, and a cap, and I have a box for dual 10s.
But here is my head unit:

Yes I have some modding to do to the console to make it fit and all, it actually sounds nice its hooked up to four sony xplodes right now that are kinda old, So im going to update those too. This is my first ice install and im using a cassette deck head unit XD I have plans for a CD changer hidden under a seat or somewhere.
I did say I plan to install a cap and what not, I do plan to have a major system in this small car just because it is my first car and my first custom system :) so any help?
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