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mk3 toyota hilux
having a prob with my kenwood head unit , its running on 2x FLI 450s amps
(1 for the subs and 1 for speakers, the treble and middle keeps shutting down from the head when u put it up to half volume its not the amps as the subs are ok and the other amp is on zero gain ,and the head seems to reset its self if you turn it off and on again !
any ideas ?
have u got high outputs connected other than rca leads to other car speakers? could be a problem one of those connections or summits shorting out mate.
got it sorted , sadly my good old kenwood has had its day its 15 years old so not bad going i think ! its the on board amp thats tripping out like me its old and worn out !
so im in the market for a new top end head unit for some monster sound any sugestions ? so long since i brought one i aint got a clue wats wat now so please help
how muh are you looking at spending ? decent head unit could ost you £200 top end ould ost closer to £6-700 for single din (not your gps dvd etc ones)
well i brought a double din clarion duz388rmp seems to be the dogs danglers with all the bells and whistles , prob is keeps saying AMP GUARD and cutting out like my old kenwood ,iv been through all the wires no shorting earth is good so tomorrow i will be getting the hammer to it !!
Are u running amps? through the rca terminals at the back? try disconnecting those? if still doing that try disconnecting the high output ISO terminal from rear socket. at least u will find out if its the on board amp which is the problem.
rca to the subs and they are fine , its the middle and the tweeter that cut out , iv been through everything it all seems fine and tight
So the amp the head unit is referring to is onboard. have u checked connections on speakers any wire chaffing onto earth will report the same problem to the unit.
iv taken it all out and will be renewing every wire over the weekend and if that dont sort it i dont know wat will lol
thanks for all your help guys have replaced all the cables ( power ,earth,speaker and the RCA's) and still the same prob ! iv got no choice but to put it in for a foult finding search at the ICE shop ( speakers are all at 3.9 to 4 omhs on test) so it aint them , will keep you posted !

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