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So after many hours of google, I managed to find a turbo kit that supposedly will bolt right on to my car (http://www.turbospecialties-race.com...urbo-p-98.html) so I called them and they said it should work no problem. However, I am skeptical of anything that seems too easy. After searching thread after thread, I know that there are many many things that can go wrong. I was hoping that maybe someone had some good info that would help me make up my mind. (I'm about 90% sold on this kit). I own a 2007 impreza 2.5i with about 27,000 miles on it. I know that anything more then 6 pounds of boost could mean disaster. The best part though is that this kit is only $2500. The biggest concerns I have are:

1) Will my ECU need a reprogram? and if so what would be the best way?

2) Is the factory fuel system able to support this?

3) What about the MAF sensor? After reading the stickie on the air turbulance that causes that false readings from a CAI or SRI, I can just imagine what a turbo might do.

I'm sure there are even more possible issues than these, so any feed back is appreciated.


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Does the kit include an oil feed supply and intercooler?

You will need to reprogram the ECU, The fuel system can generally cope with 30-40% more of a power increase as a rule of thumb.

The MAF sensor and Lambda changes will be adjusted via the ECU.

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