TCJB's October track day.


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2011 Honda FN2
This was an extra event for the year that used the usual sprint and clubman circuits in the morning and the National V8 Super Car track in the afternoon as well as allowing passenger hot laps as well .

My son and grandson drove for more than an hour to sign the indemnity that allows underage teens to ride along where I posted times app 1 second slower than my best in the hot lap passenger sessions.

In the briefing room there is the various track layouts on the wall along with times posted by different classes.

There is an Hyundai Excel race series class time posted by a leading V8 Super Cars team owner in his team built $50,000 .00 car on the National circuit that I managed to equal on the 4 th lap so was quite chuffed with that.
I missed equalling his time by 3/10ths of a second on my 4th and last lap as the fuel gauge was almost empty.

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