TCJB's new front track day tyres


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2011 Honda FN2
Am on a tight budget so can't afford or justify buying the track day favorite Yokohama's so thought that I would try the Sailun RO1 semi slicks that are a very close tread design as the previous Yokohama semi slick and was impressed with their grip that remained constant over the 20 minute sessions on the 3 klm long "K" track at Morgan Park that is a 2.5 hour tow from home but a far more interesting place than the QR track that is less than 1 hour away.
Am looking forward to double checking my first impressions again in 2 weeks time.
I can also recommend FORZA FP3 pads as they felt the same at the end of a session as they were at the first hard brake application. Am on my 3rd set of them. They are fine for your daily car as they work from zero to 800 deg.
Interesting, I've just been researching tyres too for mine. I settle for the Uniroyal rainsports, a great wet weather tyre perfect for those long hot British summers we have. So far I've been really impressed, even in the wet/dry they grip really well.

The Yokohamas are fantastic but I did find I chewed through them far too quickly, especially on the fronts.

Do you feel pads improve stopping distance or just improve stopping ability when you've used them loads? I'm a little on the fence here. I have had some pretty bad pads which nearly killed me.
I had them recommended to me by a specialist brake supplier and was pleased with their consistent level of grip / bite from cold as well as many hot laps on the track. They are not a sudden grabby pad and are easy to modulate hot or cold and have little dust. I have not noticed any deterioration in performance as they wear down.

Hope you buy a set and try them as would appreciate your impressions .I use different rear pads as it is considered that they do less than 20% of the breaking.

Some of my fellow competitors have commented on my late braking and how the rear of the CTR gets light and moves around with weight transfer.

When it comes to tyres I would love to have a set of Yoko's but @ app $600.00 AUD each for maybe 1 second off my lap times they are out of reach . I have used Nitto , Falken and AR1 semis in the past and have set similar times with lower priced tyres .

FYI I always turn off the stability/traction control on track days which I do purely for my personal enjoyment as I think that bingo ,lawn bowls etc are for people that think old.
Use it or lose it is my motto.|B

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