TCJB's final mod


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2011 Honda FN2
Have finally got my Gecko track spec coilovers for my Honda CTR over Christmas and now have to wait for my suspension specialist to resume work on the 16th of the month.

Am really looking forward to fine tuning the dampers to suit my driving style as I need it to rotate a lot better so I can get on the power more at the apex point.

The spring rates are 10 front and 8 rear. and have been told to set the dampers on the 15 th click and see how they go.
Installed the rears myself the other day and getting the fronts fitted next week. they have lowered the rear by app 2 inches but final height will be by the suspension guru after the fronts are in place. Am guessing that he will set them with a bit of rake towards the front.
Fronts installed with -3 deg neg and dampers set F&R @ 10 clicks up from full soft as a starting point.

My intention / plan is to get the feel over the first 3 hot laps and try for a time on the last 2 laps and then stiffen the rears by say 3 clicks OR soften the fronts to evaluate the change in feel and seeing if the car rotates more with less exit understeer / front end push / running wide towards the outside of the track and hitting the ripple strips under power.

As a general rule soften the front and stiffen the rear is the recommended way to get a FWD /WWD car to handle more like a RWD car BUT one has to find the best balance as a FWD can get very nervous if one doesn't know about lift off oversteer particularly in the wet.

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