TCJB's bucket list event


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2011 Honda FN2
Have to have the CTR scrutineered in Brisbane on Monday to get the all clear before heading off on a 600plus klm drive towing the Honda with my 4X4 dual cab daily drive car to Bouldercombe next Thursday as I had to withdraw at the last moment from the 2021 event due to the discovery of what was previously thought to be a harmless mole that turned out to be a rare desmoplastic melanoma low down on the inside of my left leg just above the ankle as that is not where they normally known occur and it had to be excised ASAP by a plastic surgeon. It took the best part of 3 months to fully heal properly due in part to the low blood flow in that part of my leg.

The 3klm long hill climb is held on a closed section of the highway and I will be an early starter in the under 2 litre registered class but unfortunately will have to battle with clubman type cars that are generally in a different class at other events so have no expectations of coming home with a trophy so just want to do my best and enjoy the event and come home safe with no damage .

Thought you might like the video.


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