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Just wondering been looking at suspension and was wondering what all the different types do and what qualities each one has i know you can just buy the springs but im sure you can get a better performance by spending a bit of cash so what

Dampers and Coilovers

personally i would like height adjusting suspsension, does this affect performance, (this is so i can get over speed bumps and up steep hills)
Re: Suspension Queries

Firsly have a read of these articles if you haven't already:-

The Springs and dampers are best fitted as a set. Springs absorb the road bumps by compressing. Shocks control the speed of the "bounce" releasing the spring at a controlled rate. (This is very simplistic but I think covers the components jobs).

Softer springs travel more and give a smoother ride. Hard springs help keep the wheels on the road and reduce body roll. The spring is also the main thing deciding the ride height (although the shocks should be matched to this height)

Coilovers allow ride height adjustment and are probably what you are after.
Re: Suspension Queries

You don't want hard springs with forgiving dampers. It makes the wheels patter about all over the place. It's important to keep the rubber in contact with the tarmac

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