Rover 45 Hatch rear windscreen washer blocked

Jim Gardner

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Hi, can someone tell me if the pipes to the rear washer go up the passenger side windscreen pillar and under the head lining, or in the floor pan box section and behing the boot trim to the jet. Cos I don't fancy disturbing the head lining. I've done all the usual checks poked out the jet etc, even had 150 psi air pressure on the pipes but it wont shift the blockage. Yes the pump does work and I have water to the joint on the engine side of the scuttle but beyond that nothing.
Have you pulled the rear jet off completely to see if there is water arriving? Most of the blockages happen at either end of the line, it's very rare to have a problem part way along.
Hi Waynne, Thanks for your quick reply, am I to assume from your comments that the jet body is only a push fit in the roof ? It seems very firm so I thought there would be some form of fixing behind the head lining and coach trimmer I am not!
Yes, air pressure in both directions but only against the face of the jet.
Regards, Jimmy.
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Hi all, Further to my last note I took Waynne's advice and pulled the body of the jet out of the roof it's only held by two spring lugs, about 4 inches down the pipe there is a non-return valve and with some judicious pulling I managed to draw enough pipe out to get it exposed and tied the pipe off to stop it going back, separating the joint I found the valve was choked with Green Algae, once cleaned out I got a good flow of water to the jet so all is back to normal. Hope this is of some use to other owners with similar problems.
Regards, Jimmy.
Glad you got it sorted buddy. Make sure you use a good quality screen wash, it inhibits algal growth, once the spores are in there it will build up again quickly.

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