Rover 45 Engine loom & matching ECU


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Hi im new to the forum, it looks promising.
My project car is a rover 45 engine mated to a 71 vw beetle gear box with a Nova GRP kit body.
had a rover 200 + engine loom & ECU Fitted not too many problems to get it running with only the engine loom. The rest of the car loom "self made " doesnt connect to the engine loom.

Have now uprated to a 45 for which i have purchased a 1.4 1.6 engine loom YSB002090 and a NNN100743 ECM. Problem is the loom only has the larger ECM connector YCP114550 but no smaller ECM connector YPC114540. there is a smaller square male connector near the YCP114550 but i believe these wires connect to the main body loom. Is there a link harness i can buy that will connect the two ?????????? if not how do i get over this problem.
Sorted the wiring, ECU, 5as, multifunction relay, & fob. Hope the weather holds ok soon, will be able to fit it all together. Then put the new cylinder head on and try starting it again.
Its a Rover 45 engine mated to a 1971 beetle chassis & gearbox with a Nova GRP body. the roof/windscreen/side windows & rear window all lift up on Hydraulic rams to get in & out. Will try and post some pics a little later. The Rover engine is a doddle to work on in the Nova. Cam belt & tensioner changed just over 20 mins.


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