Rover 400 water problem


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Rover 400
Car has just broke down, water disappeared - had manifold gasket replaced just before this and garage said that should do it but it didn't. All the water in engine has disappeared again any suggestions??
waterpump, or #!#!#!#!ed radiator, or head gasket

these are the only way water can leak from a car,

be more specific, how and where is the water losing from??
A Leak? Coolant hose split or come off? Manifold gasket should have nothing to do with the water. How quickly has the water disappeared? Any water in the oil? Smoke from the exhaust? Try to be more specific.
Being more specific now..... just been told not leaking from anywhere but coming out of the expansion bottle when it gets hot ........loads of water on the floor now!!!!
now you mention it, there has been quite alot of smoke from the exhaust does this mean anything terrible
usally head gasket, the over flow bottle can be checked as we speak

take off the oil filer cap and see is there any white residue around it, if there is, its the head mate
ok, thanks for all the replies, but still not sure what the problem is - as to the manifold gasket, took it to a garage and they did something with the water under pressure and it poured out of what they said needed a manifold gasket but obviously must be something else going on as it is still losing water.
thanks prevtec but not any white around oil filler cap either am totally stumped.
its not the head then, the othwer thing now is to check is the water pump ok,

just out of curiosity, will you check is the drain plug on the rad tightened??
It means your car is burning water off in the cylinder, which is where the water is going. The white smoke is steam. Ask the garage to do a leak down test to confirm it is the headgasket.
thanks all, looks like it's the head gasket from what you're all saying and that sounds pretty serious
more or less, basically its water mixing with oil
sorry man, its the head gasket, the whit smoke is what masterauron said
Most likely. But what prevtec said is wrong anyway. You don't always get mayo if your headgasket goes, just depends which part of the gasket it is.
Not too serious unless it's a cracked head. Tis possible to change it yourself, difficulty depends on where the head is and your mechanical ability. You will have to send the head off to be skimmed though and possibly re-shim.
If the head gasket has only just been changed you might just need to get the head bolts retorqued. A new gasket shouldn't leak so go back to the garage that fitted it. (Unless I have the wrong end of the stick and it wasn't the head gasket you had done.)

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