Rover 416 query Help!

Hi mate & welcome!
I'm not sure my self, it'll go in i guess it's wether the gear boxes etc are the same. What year is the car & what series are the two engines?

Oh hang on the 416 is a K series. has the 2.0 t got a gearbox?
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yea got the whole car but its not turbo its just a 2.0 t series i hav a 2.0 vittes turbo head ecu and turbo becuz i dont think they ever did a 2.0 turbo 400 and has any1 done 1 yet if not i want to be the 1st the 1.6k is quick but only at about 4 grand after that shes gone so fingers crossed it wil #!#!#!#!in fly with a 2.0 turbo lump in it i am mechanic so doin it is not a prob just needed pointers thank mate
No worries mate sounds like a cool swap the car will certainly fly thats for sure!. :bigsmile: Do you think the there will be any problems matching the wiring loom & the ecu?
I've seen a 420 Turbo, in fact I got my exhaust off one from a breakers and I had to shorten tailpipe for my 220!;)

It will really fly with that lump in it. Have you got the MEMS and wiring from the 2.0T donor? It will be alot eaiser with all the ancilary bits.

Its also worth getting all the sensors from the donor as there are some subtle difference. Crank sensor was the big one. Some pulse every revolution others pulse every quarter revolution or something like that.

The MEMS also controls the Immobiliser so you might need to either change door locks or bypass the immobiliser.
im not 100% but it should fit straight in pal with just aslong as you have all the right mounts dont know about the gearbox maybe get a 420 gearbox ??

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