Subaru Impreza... Wich one?


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Valencia, Spain
Subaru Impreza
Hey guys:
Im going to UK in August, to live there.
I was thinking about buying a car, and the Subaru Impreza is the one i want.
What i wanted to ask you all, is wich Impreza is the best and why. I mean, i dont know the differences betwen each model engine, and wich are the pro`s and contra about the 4WD system. My idea is to make some tunning to the engine, maybe a bigger turbo, a programable Inyection system and some stuff else.-
So that`s all folks, im looking forward to know about what u think
how much are you looking to spend. get a 1999 model - bit old but loads of mods for the engine/suspension etc... and much cheaper than the 2000 onwards models. (i.e. the cheapest lowering/uprated suspension kit i could find for my 2004 was gbp700!).

4wd definately, you cant really by them without unless it is a non-turbo bottom range model which you dont really want to get.

If you prefer more modern do not buy the hatchback as based on all reports it really is a bit crap, especially compared to the new evo's. better to buy a 2007/2008 2.5ltr block and work on this.
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